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28/11/22 Das Salzburger Landestheater erweitert sein Angebot und kooperiert mit dem International Theatre Salzburg. Es soll eine neue Reihe englischsprachiger Produktionen im Probenzentrum Aigen werden.

Den Auftakt bildet, mit der Premiere am 8. Dezember, Shirley Valentine von Willy Russell. Das Stück war ein großer Erfolg in London und New York. Weil wohl ohnedies nur Leute hingehen, die einigermaßen Englisch können, hier die Aussendung des Landestheaters im englischen Wortlaut:

Shirley was a vibrant, confident woman living in a happy relationship, but she has found herself in a disillusioned rut and her childhood dreams have gone unfulfilled. The bright, spirited Shirley of yesteryear is long gone. When her friend Jane wins a trip for two to Greece, Shirley uncharacteristically puts herself first, and accepts Jane’s invitation. Two weeks of freedom in the southern sun and a change of perspective on her life, home and family, are enough to make her a woman full of joie de vivre again and almost unrecognisable to her husband.

Shirley Valentine is a story of possibility, courage and hope and she tells it with such warmth, honesty and humour, that you can’t help but be carried away by her heart and power.

The tour de force is played by South African actress Janna Ramos-Violante, who is also the driving force behind this new initiative, and directed by Fiona Ramsay. The actress, whose dream is to build theatre relationships across continents, has won several awards and gained much recognition for her work in the arts. In Salzburg, she has appeared in the productions of Cyrano de Bergerac and Familienabend at the Salzburg State Theatre. (Salzburger Landestheater)

Premiere ist am 8. Dezember im STUDIO 3 im Probenzentrum Aigen, Aufführungen bis 17. Jänner –
Bild: Salzburger Landestheater



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